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BELLY LOVE prebiotic gut restore powder is an all-natural solution for restoring and maintaining your gut health. It contains prebiotic herbs that reduce inflammation and provide valuable vitamins and minerals. It also supports gut and liver function, helping to improve digestion and reduce bloating. Add this easy-to-use powder to your daily routine to help restore your belly balance and promote overall wellbeing.

BELLY LOVE prebiotic gut restore powder

  • Stir 1tsp into a glass of water and drink each morning. Alternatively add to a smoothie.

    If you experience bloating, heartburn or reflux you can also drink this after each meal or in the evenings before going to bed.

    For best results take as part of your daily routine.

  • Alfalfa powder (Medicago sativa)

    Dandelion root powder (Taraxacum officinale)

    Milk Thistle powder (Carduus marianus)

    Psyllium Husk powder (Plantago psyllium)

    Marshmallow root powder (Althaea officinalis)

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