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What is Womb Massage Therapy?

The massage is a non-invasive, gentle yet deep therapy covering the upper & lower abdomen, from the diaphragm to just above the pubic bone, and the upper & lower back and glutes.

By working on these areas the organs in the pelvis and abdomen are realigned, releasing pressure and strengthening the surrounding muscles and ligaments. This treatment encourages the movement of stagnant blood, increases oxygenation and circulation to the reproductive organs and can gently break down scar tissue and adhesions.

The essence of this work is to nurture and nourish, providing you with deep levels of relaxation. Treatments end with wrapping of the head, hips and feet with Rebozo scarves, inspired by the "Closing the Bones" ceremony. This experience is to provide support and encourage deep relaxation as you rest in your newly cultivated energy, helping you to fully land in and feel confident in your Self, your Body, and your Soul moving forward.

In our first session we will have time to check in and go over your form in detail, over a mug of womb nourishing herbal tea.

The treatment can include some or all of the following:

  • Abdominal, sacral, breast (optional), and womb massage

  • Pulsing and stimulating reflex points

  • Rebozo techniques and wrapping

  • Reiki & energy healing

  • Guided visualisations

  • Meditation and breathing exercises

  • Sound healing

Marble Wall

Womb & Fertility Massage Therapy

"Womb & Fertility Massage is a nourishing blend of modalities that, when combined, bring harmony and balance to the reproductive, digestive & sacral areas but on a deeper and probably more important level,
re-awakens and re-connects women to their bodies, especially their womb"

​This massage is deeply beneficial for:

  • The overall health of the female reproductive system, especially in balancing and regulating the cycle and easing menstrual difficulties.

  • Preparing the body for conception and pregnancy - both natural and assisted pathways.

  • Restoring and rebalancing the nervous system

  • Emotional health & wellbeing - this is crucial when preparing to conceive a baby and for the rite of passage into motherhood. It is equally as important for any woman to move through any disconnection or imbalance in her womb/body health.

  • Bringing everything back to its natural alignment within the abdomen and pelvic bowl to promote healthy hormone synthesis and healthy blood, nerve and lymph flow to all your vital organs.

  • Relieving stress arising from the digestive tract and stomach (where a large part of the immune system resides), encouraging healthy flow and elimination.

  • Helping to regain stability and internal balance postpartum.

  • Restoring a woman back into a place of harmony within her body.

The Heart-Womb Connection

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the energy of the heart and womb are intimately connected, and this is why treating the heart is crucial when addressing womb wellness.

The heart is your main energetic space of receiving and processing emotional information and it communicates this to the rest of your body. Any heavy emotions or emotional disturbances experienced in the heart are processed down into the womb space to be released by the uterus as you menstruate each month. This can help to explain why you may experience emotions such as anger, frustration, sadness and hopelessness around the time of your bleed. The only way to release them is to feel them. Your menstrual cycle truly is your 5th vital sign, and how you experience your cycle can give great insight into your overall health and how aligned you are with the life you are living.


This is why treating the heart is so important for womb wellness and why it is so important for anyone experiencing any kind of menstrual imbalance to reflect on what the heart is holding and how it may be affecting the health and wellness of your womb space. This is why we will include the emotional body alongside the physical body in the consultation process and treatment.

Common issues addressed by this treatment include:

  • Painful or irregular menstruation

  • Cycle difficulties

  • Fertility problems

  • Low libido

  • Ovarian and breast cysts

  • Fibroids

  • Miscarriages, abortions & difficult pregnancies

  • Digestion, constipation, IBS, stomach cramps

  • Menopause & peri-menopause

  • Emotional trauma

  • Migraines

  • Stress

  • Any form of disconnect to the womb space


Treatments will take place at Haven Wellness in Crystal Palace (40 Westow Street, SE19 3AH) 

Extra info:

  • Upon booking you will receive a consultation form by email to complete at least 3 days before your session

  • If you are on a fertility journey, consider starting treatments around 3 months before trying to conceive.

  • In the event you are menstruating on the day, or you have recently had surgery or medical treatment, we can work very gently, and mostly energetically.

  • If you know you need your own space while on your bleed, do check your cycle before booking in. The cancellation policies will still apply here.

  • Cancellations within 48 hours of appointment will incur a 50% charge.

  • Cancellations within 24 hours of appointment will incur a 100% charge.

  • Please email if you have any questions prior to booking

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