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Meet Poppy

Poppy Alvares ND mANP mGNC, is a medical herbalist, naturopath, and Womb & Fertility Massage therapist, passionate about supporting women through their physical and emotional healing. 


After using herbal remedies throughout her life and training at the College of Naturopathic Medicine for 5 years, including 500+ hours of clinical training, Poppy has been helping people with a wide range of conditions using a blend of ancient wisdom and modern science. 


While journeying through her own womb healing, Poppy discovered and has been training in the powerfully transformative therapy of Womb & Fertility Massage, which she now offers alongside her herbal medicine practice.


She also makes herbal remedies to further support female health, along with a range of natural skincare products, blended by hand and made with love at her workshop in Surrey.


About Womb & Rose

There is a world where women are taught the wisdom of their grandmothers and pass it down to their own daughters and granddaughters, mixing in their own learnt wisdom, creating a line of women empowered by their femininity and with the knowledge they need to care for their own feminine health. Generation after generation they are intimately connected to the medicinal plants of the land around them and they are supported through each and every phase of womanhood. Women's menstrual cycles and their bleeds are honoured and respected and women know the strength and power they hold within their wombs.

This is the world that Womb&Rose is striving for. There is so much we go through as women and it is essential to learn how to properly care for ourselves so we may live life in vibrant health, and be loved and supported by other women throughout. So this is what Womb&Rose is offering. The knowledge and practices you need to feel strong in your Self, your Body, your Soul, and natural plant remedies to support you on your journey.

Pouring Massage Oil
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