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Take a moment to slow down, drop into yourself and add some herbal magic to your daily self-love rituals.


Mugwort, Ginger, Chamomile and Lavender stimulate circulation and ease issues you may experience in relation to your moon cycle, such as period pain, fibroids and cysts, while specifically chosen essential oils help to relax the mind-body and balance hormone levels.


Suitable for all skin types, including those prone to dryness +/or blemishes


Herbal medicine, aromatherapy + skincare in one, providing precious nutrients directly to the skin, nourishing at a cellular level + promoting a sense of peace and balance in the entire being.


  • Massage into the belly and breasts to ease pain and cramping at any point in your moon cycle. Use daily to help restore your menstrual rhythm. Add a few drops to a bath, or rub between your hands and breathe in deep to relax.


    Try massaging into the feet, chest or temples, or add to your bath before bed to promote a restful night of sleep.

  • Hemp Seed Oil a lightweight oil which deeply nourishes and moisturises, regulates oil production + doesn't clog pores. Rich in omegas 3 + 6, anti-inflammatory + antibacterial properties help in treating eczema, dermatitis + psoriasis.


    Mugwort rich in minerals such as magnesium + calcium, both essential for muscle function and relaxation. A wonderful women's herb that has long been used for treating menstrual irregularity, ovarian cysts, cramps + pain. Decalcifies the Pineal Gland + can invoke lucid dreaming, astral projection + enhance intuition. Powerful antimicrobial properties cleanse the skin.


    Ginger Root an outstanding natural anti-inflammatory known to help relax sore and aching muscles. It's warming action stimulates circulation providing pain-relief from period cramps.


    Chamomile a herb to provide motherly love and support. Known to give relief from cramps and irregular periods + the calming scent relaxes the nervous system + reduces anxiety. 


    Lavender balances the Third Eye + Crown chakras, relaxes the mind + enhances intuition. Just inhaling the scent can help to relax contracted muscles + ease menstrual pain. Antimicrobial + anti-inflammatory properties keep the skin clear.


    Frankincense Oil skin regenerating + anti-inflammatory properties with an elevating, calming + woody scent. Used to deepen meditation + spiritual connection. Perfect for oily, irritated, ageing, or acne-prone skin.


    Myrrh Oil a thick amber resin with a strong reputation for its healing properties. Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory + astringent properties provide immeasurable benefits for skin health. Used in sacred ceremonies for years, it can help us to release fears + difficult experiences and accept more love + trust into our lives. Opens the Heart chakra + uplifts the mind.


    Cedarwood Oil reduces pain + inflammation, can also provide relief for joint pain + stiffness from arthritis. Balances skin oil production. A grounding scent used to create a sacred space and bring clarity.


    Clary Sage Oil can help to balance hormone levels and release blockages + stagnation in the womb space. Helpful in treating PMS, cramps, uterine fibroids, bloating, mood swings + food cravings. Linked to the Third Eye it helps to open the awareness into a state of thankfulness + boost intuition.


    All either Organic or responsibly Wildcrafted 

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